L‘Atelier is a documentary mini-serie that dives into Annaëlle and Alexandre lifetime  adventure, a young antique furniture restorer couple based in Revel (south of France). The four episodes go through the crazy story of the foundation of their workshop studio, their values, sources of inspiration but also treat on what extent passing on knowledge drives them on the daily routine.

Project Involvements

Obseassion, directe by Romain and Laura Decomble.

A true artist of classic longboarding, Laure Mayer has found her rhythm and her lifestyle in Byron Bay, Australia. A life of surfing, travelling and encounters that has allowed this entrepreneur to build friendships all over the world. Back in Europe, she decided to go on a road trip along France, Spain and Portugal, in which Laure met Estelle, Paula, Andrea, Inés and Ria. Just like Laure, these surfers have chosen a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy the priceless freedom of surfing as often as possible. Directed by Romain and Laura Decombe, OBSEASSION is a 30-minute documentary that offers a portrait of six proud women of this generation of longboarders that claim their spot in the line-up to simply enjoy and glide from the nose of their boards