“Photographer filmmaker humanity sustainability”

For who ?

Companies, associations, craftsmen, individuals. Any person or entity with social or environnemental POSITIVE IMPACT that looks forward to promote their good values, stories, products. Holocene specialised above all in HANDCRAFT, SOCIAL INNOVATION and LOW CARBON TRANSITION promotion.

What ?

Photo shootings, documentaries, social media content, corporate movies, commercial… let’s have a coffee together while brainstorming on your best way of communicating your values and spread your ideas.



Aesthetics, values transmission and emotion are the immutable components of a successful shoot. The rest is up to you …
Handcraft, food, nature, underwater and surf photography, … what’s your field?



Documentary, commercial or social media content: a video always tells a story, conveys emotions and tell more about your values. 

What’s your story?



Do you have a more specific need for graphic design or website creation? I leave you in the careful and professional hands of Justine (Creative Chalet).

Why ?


What could be better than sharing the same values to create together and turn your ideas into reality? Making a production requires a great deal of rigor and organization. But it’s also a very convivial moment of sharing and creation. Especially when you share the same interests.. 



The advantage of a small production: flexibility and full service. There’s no need to go through several service providers: we take care of your entire project together: from writing and organization to production and post-production.



“It’s not the size that counts…”. Versatile, professional gears for every situation: studio, field, aerial… Technical mastery and meticulous post-production for a rendering that lives up to your expectations.



Low carbon footprint

One of Holocène’s ideas is to offer transparency and carbon optimization, in response to the challenge of the century: the energy transition.
As an active volunteer with THE SHIFT PROJECT for over 2 years, and having received training in energy and climate issues (“Energy and Climate”, online course from Mines ParisTech, J-M. Jancovici), I’m convinced that it’s possible and essential to adapt the way services are organized to optimize their carbon footprint without compromising the quality of the rendering.
Optimizing travel, giving priority to second-hand goods, sourcing locally. All these little efforts add up.

“See low carbon constraint as a way to be even more creative